SmartStream DNS is not configured on this device or is not compatible with your Internet connection.

If you are opening this tester on a computer/tablet/etc after signing into SmartStream that does NOT have SmartStream DNS configured, then you will always see this 'not configured' page - this is normal.

You only need to set SmartStream DNS on this device, that you are reading this on now, if you want to use SmartStream on this device. If not, ignore this tester as it is not testing the device you want to use.

In order to test the configuration, you must open this page - - on the device that has the DNS set. However, some devices do not have web browsers (media box, Sky box, etc) so cannot have their configuration tested - the only way to 'test' such devices is by trying to use the device, if it does not work as expected and you have tried restarting the device, there is likely a problem in the configuration.